Maths Excellence – A special tribute – R.A.T.S.

A creative expression of appreciation, love and understanding penned by two students who enjoyed learning tremendously at dMaster  Learning Centre.

R.A.T.S. is an acronym used by Raymond in teaching the students how to excel in mathematics.

  1.  Read Accurately Then Solve
  2.  Recognize All Tell-tale Signs
  3.  Remember All The Steps
  4.  Rapidly Answer The Sums
  5.  Review All The Solutions
  6.  Rest Assured of The Success.

Here the students penned R.A.T.S. to mean Raymond And The Students.

dMaster students can look forward to a book to be published by Raymond called R.A.T.S. = Revealing All The Secrets – Driving toward Maths Excellence through Motivation, Memory Enhancement and Mastery.